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Welcome to Dark Solstice

     Dark solstice is an Everquest II guild on the Oasis server. We are dedicated and driven to doing as much as possible in the game while maintaining a casual and friendly atmosphere. Beware however as our humor and language can get rather interesting at times. We welcome new people to join us that are like minded in the drive for betterment within the game itself. We won't demand you log on at certain times, but when you are logged in we will expect you to learn and play to the best of your abilities. Come see for yourself what it's like to be in a guild that actually cares about their people and wants to see everybody have fun and experience the best that the game has to offer.

Please Make sure you are LOGGED IN to PROPERLY VIEW THE CALENDAR!!  Otherwise the Calendar defaults to GMT as the default Timezone. 
All events shall include the EST time posted within them via the notes or comments.

-If your character is unable to use the amenities
, or your signing up for the first time-
please do the following:

1) Read and agree to the rules and terms in the guild policies section.
2) Apply To Dark Solstice [ Apply Here ]
3) Fill out the information in the application completely!
4) Submit the application!
5) Make sure you set your timezone in the general preferences of Guild Portal!
6) Wait!

The members who can upgrade your status get the email almost immediately. (Depends on the internet mail) 
Please allow up to 24 hours however to process your request. 

Thank you!

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